• Black Sheep Brewery

    Black Sheep Brewery, Wellgarth Court, Crosshills, Ripon, UK .

    A "ewe-nique" venue and the ideal place for a great day or evening out.

    Black Sheep Brewery Website 

  • Castle Bolton

    Castle Bolton, Leyburn, UK .

    A spectacular mediaeval fortress, preserved in outstanding condition and situated in the heart of Wensleydale.

    Bolton Castle Website 

  • Easby Abbey

    Easby Abbey, Richmond, UK .

    The substantial remains of an abbey of Premonstratensian 'white canons', which can be reached via a pleasant walk from Richmond Castle.

    Easby Abbey Website 

  • Jervaulx Abbey

    Jervaulx Abbey, Jervaulx, Ripon, UK .

    Founded in 1156, Jervaulx Abbey was once a great Cistercian monastery.

    Jervaulx Abbey Website 

  • Lightwater Valley

    Lightwater Valley Family Adventure Park, Water Lane, North Stainley, Ripon, UK .

    One of the leading theme parks in the UK, packed with over 40 rides and attractions.

    Lightwater Valley Website

  • Middleham Castle

    Middleham Castle, North Yorkshire, Middleham, Leyburn, UK .

    The childhood and favourite home of Richard III, Middleham Castle was a fortress of the mighty Neville family, Earls of Westmoreland and of Warwick.

    Middleham Castle Website 

  • Richmond Castle

    Richmond Castle, Tower Street, Richmond, UK .

    Breathtakingly sited on a rocky promontory above the River Swale, the great castle of Richmond is among the oldest Norman stone fortresses in Britain, begun in the decades after the Conquest.

    Richmond Castle Website 

  • The Forbidden Corner

    The Forbidden Corner, The Forbidden Corner, Middleham, Leyburn, UK .

    The strangest place in the world, a unique labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises created in a four acre garden in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

    The Forbidden Corner Website

  • The Wensleydale Railway

    Wensleydale Railway - (Leeming Bar,Station), Leeming Bar, Northallerton, UK .

    The Wensleydale Railway runs trains between Leeming Bar (near the A1/A684 jct) and Redmire (on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park), via Bedale and Leyburn.

    The Wensleydale Railway Website 

  • The Yorkshire Dales National Park

    Yorkshire Dales National Park, The, Cattle Market Rd, Market Place, Hawes, UK .

    The Yorkshire Dales National Park was designated in 1954. This was in recognition of its extraordinary natural beauty, the diversity of its wildlife habitats, its rich cultural heritage and its fantastic opportunities for outdoor recreation.

    The Yorkshire Dales National Park Website

  • Theakston's Brewery

    T&R Theakston Ltd, Masham, Ripon, UK .

    Home to legendary Masham Ale Old Peculier.

    Theakston's Brewery Website 


  • Aysgarth Ingleton

    Aysgarth Falls Yorkshire Dales National Park Visitor Centre, Church Bank, Aysgarth, Leyburn, UK .

    Aysgarth Ingleton Website 

  • Ripon Cathedral

    Ripon Cathedral, Minster Road, Ripon, UK .

    Ripon Cathedral Website 

  • Bowes Museum Barnard Castle

    The Bowes Museum, Newgate, Barnard Castle, UK .

    Bowes Museum Website 

  • National Trust - Brimham Rocks

    National Trust - Brimham Rocks, Summerbridge, Harrogate, UK .

    National Trust - Brimham Rocks Website